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The Swedish National Audit Office and the Supreme Audit Office of Afghanistan extends cooperation

The Swedish National Audit Office and the Supreme Audit Office of Afghanistan (SAO) have agreed to extend the cooperation. The overall objective is to strengthen public sector auditing in Afghanistan.

Assigned by the Swedish Parliament, the Swedish National Audit Office (NAO) manages a multifaceted international development cooperation with supreme audit institutions in developing countries. The purpose is to contribute to democratic development and enhanced parliamentary oversight.

The Swedish NAO has – as part of this work – cooperated with SAO Afghanistan, since August 2018. Focus has been on strengthening SAO’s institutional capacity and capability, mainly through support to the development of financial and performance auditing in accordance with international standards. Support has also been given to SAO’s quality control and quality assurance work.

Auditor General, Ms. Helena Lindberg, has in agreement with the Auditor General of Afghanistan, Mr. Mohammad Naiem Haqmal, decided to continue the cooperation until the end of 2023.

– Afghanistan is one of the countries in the world that since long is facing a highly challenging context. Our cooperation with SAO Afghanistan aims at contributing to the democratic development by strengthening the public sector auditing, Auditor General, Ms. Helena Lindberg says.

The focus on financial and performance auditing will remain. However, the cooperation will further contribute to strengthening SAO’s institutional capacity by supporting quality control and quality assurance, communication, human resources and management.

The security situation in Afghanistan highly limits the possibility to visit the country, which has challenged the setup of the cooperation. In handling those obstacles, workshops have been held in third country. With the pandemic situation, and the spread of Covid-19, cooperation through digital platforms have been decisive for the project.

– We are pleased to have established great collaboration with SAO Afghanistan, and we are as well pleased to have been able to continue the support to SAO Afghanistan – despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This, taken together, will contribute to the opportunity to continue this collaboration and to jointly strive toward strengthening the capacity at SAO, Deputy Auditor General for International Affairs, Ms. Catharina Cappelin says

The international operations of the Swedish National Audit Office

The international operations of the Swedish NAO are multifaceted. We represent Sweden internationally and have been assigned by Parliament to support the development of supreme audit institutions as part of the Swedish international development cooperation. Currently, the Swedish NAO have a bilateral cooperation with audit institutions in Africa (Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe), South-East Europe (Kosovo and Moldova) and in Asia (Afghanistan, Cambodia and Palestine). In addition, we support three regional efforts targeting 37 audit institutions in Western Balkans, Africa and South-East Asia.

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About the international operations of the Swedish NAO

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Updated: 16 December 2020

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