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Increased focus on sustainability in the National Audit Office's international development cooperation

The National Audit Office's new strategy for international development cooperation has increased the focus on sustainability issues and adapted its methods in response to the Pandemic. The purpose is to promote effective governance and democratic development in developing countries.

On behalf of the Parliament, the National Audit Office conducts extensive international development cooperation with audit authorities in many developing countries.

The strategy for this field of work has now been updated. The aim is still to promote effective governance and democratic development in developing countries, as well as increased transparency and a functioning system of accountability, but some new priorities have been added.

One of the most significant is an increased focus on sustainability, especially gender equality, the environment- and climate, based on the UN Agenda 2030. The strategy places special emphasis on knowledge exchange with other actors within development cooperation, including Swedish authorities, other donors and civil society organizations.

Another important aspect is the way in which the National Audit Office's international work is adapted to the new conditions arising from the Corona Pandemic. This relates to the choice of methods and the ways in which experts develop their competence.

Helena Lindberg, portrait.

– Our task is to conduct international development cooperation within the framework of Swedish development policy. We are now raising the ambition of our contribution to auditing and the development of democracy in partner countries, says Auditor General, Helena Lindberg.

The new priorities also mean that the National Audit Office strengthens its commitment to issues relating to the audit of international organizations with development mandates and the review of donor funds.

Catharina Cappelin, portrait.

– My hope is that the strategy provides a good insight into our priorities. In particular, I would like to highlight our strengthened multilateral commitment, where our role can be acting as external auditors in international organizations with development mandates, says Catharina Cappelin, Head of the National Audit Office's international operations.


Strategy for the international development cooperation 2021–2024 Pdf, 197 kB.

The international operations of the Swedish National Audit Office

The international operations of the Swedish NAO are multifaceted. We represent Sweden internationally and have been assigned by Parliament to support the development of supreme audit institutions as part of the Swedish international development cooperation. Currently, the Swedish NAO have a bilateral cooperation with audit institutions in Africa (Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe), South-East Europe (Kosovo and Moldova) and in Asia (Afghanistan and Palestine). In addition, we support three regional efforts targeting 43 audit institutions in Western Balkans, Africa and South-East Asia.

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Updated: 04 February 2021

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