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The Swedish National Audit Office has a collaboration with the supreme audit institution in Tanzania - National Audit Office of Tanzania (NAOT). The collaboration started in 2004 and has undergone several phases. The overall purpose is to support the sustainable development of NAOT’s audit capacity and ability to fulfill its constitutional role. The project period runs until 2021.

The Swedish National Audit Office's long collaboration with NAOT has included many areas, including performance auditing, quality assurance and control, planning, follow-up and evaluation, administration and HR, as well as communication and IT. NAOT has a special task to handle criminal suspicions within the audit (so-called forensic audit) and to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, within which the National Audit Office has contributed with support for capacity development.

In 2021, the Swedish National Audit Office and NAOT have entered a one-year final bilateral co-operation period. The focus is on consolidating the results achieved and strengthening the conditions for a good transition to continued cooperation within the Swedish National Audit Office's regional support in East Africa.

NAOT is a relatively strong institution, with the task of reviewing all public funds but has a major challenge in terms of obtaining sufficient resources to fulfill its mandate.


Updated: 23 February 2021

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